Pine Agribusiness is a trading company focused on international trade in agricultural commodities and food. Acting directly with small, medium and large providers. Providing access to specialized logistics and payment guarantees, reducing overall marketing costs, increasing efficiency and trading volume by directly accessing international markets.

With innovative solutions in international payments, we help small, medium and large companies increase their international market share while reducing the financial costs of their operations, offering total security to sellers and buyers.


We believe that our customers and our team are essential to our success and that being agile allows us to provide proactive and timely solutions. Our roots are anchored in hard work and innovation. We build and maintain strong relationships. We pride ourselves on a culture of rapid response, efficient management and logistical expertise; all important facets to increase the value of our customers and partners.

We are passionate about our work and intensely focused on acting at the highest level. Our success requires us to "think outside the box". We enjoy the experience and have an insatiable appetite to learn.

Who we are