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80.420-130 | Curitiba | Paraná

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Avenida Agrolandia 496 - sala 503 | Jardim Iate Club

88.337-525 | Balneario Camboriú | Santa Catarina


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Pine Agronegócios is an export trading company that works with cooperatives, cereals and grain producers, making their products reach international and national markets.

Experience and Daring

We offer innovative market solutions, financial structuring and logistics in the export process. Our experience allows us to understand the needs of each company and to study the best way to positively impact the supply chain in the processes involving the export of products.

We also carry out our own exports, pioneering the development of markets where our studies indicate growth potential. We create alliances with suppliers of products that have delivery capacity and quality in international standards. Thus, we offer these new markets the opportunity to buy with greater ease and competitiveness.