Avenida Francisco Rocha 198 | Batel

80.420-130 | Curitiba | Paraná

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Avenida Agrolandia 496 - sala 503 | Jardim Iate Club

88.337-525 | Balneario Camboriú | Santa Catarina


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Our mission is to create a better future for our customers. As we pursue this mission, we are guided by our culture and our principles guarantee that we will never forget what we stand for.

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We are a company merchandising company that builds and maintains solid relationships. We believe that our customers and our team are essential to our success and that being agile allows us to provide proactive and timely solutions for our customers. Our roots are anchored in hard work, innovation and our ability to exceed our customers' expectations. We build and maintain solid relationships and believe that our customers and our team are essential to our success. We pride ourselves on a culture of rapid response, efficient management and logistical expertise, all important facets to increase the value of our customers and partners.