Avenida Francisco Rocha 198 | Batel

80.420-130 | Curitiba | Paraná

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Avenida Agrolandia 496 - sala 503 | Jardim Iate Club

88.337-525 | Balneario Camboriú | Santa Catarina


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Having a reliable, recognized and stable partner to assist you in your foreign trade operations is of the utmost importance.

Pine Agribusiness offers customers all the financial, logistical and tax support, with the complete and agile planning of its foreign trade operations. We operate in all frontiers of Brazil and Mercosur

Business Model

Account and Order of Third Parties

Pine Agribusiness is the importer and the customer the owner of the goods, responsible for its negotiation and payment of the exporters.

Buy and Sell by Order

Pine Agribusiness is the importer and owner of the goods, being also responsible for the payments in the import process.

In these cases, our partnerships with banks allow better conditions for import-related financial products